TSA Pet Jet upcoming flights!

Top Stars Air team is currently organizing the following flights for both PET JET & JET SHARE to the following destinations:

🌟 HK-SINGAPORE ( always ongoing & a special Pet Jet for DECEMBER 2022)

🌟 HK- LONDON, mid December 2022, Pet Jet

🌟 HK- NY, November/December 2022, Pet Jet

🌟 HK- Vancouver, November 2022, Pet Jet

🌟 HK- MELBOURNE, MARCH 2023, Pet Jet

🌟 HK- BANGALORE, MARCH/APRIL 2023, Pet Jet 📧 Please contact us via e-mail at info@TopStarsAir.com or via a message on Social Media to book Your flight and/or to get more info.

The above flights already have some passengers booked and have a few seats available.

TSA flies to a variety of destinations, so, please, get in touch with us with Your desired location and time frame.

Top Stars Air Team