Top Stars Air upcoming PET JET Flights.

TSA has the following #PETJET flights scheduled (so far) from #HONGKONG to a number of countries 🌟🛩🐩🐈🐈‍⬛🐕‍🦺🦮🦜🐇🐁🌟

More flights will be scheduled based upon demand, so do message us to inquire:

🌟 HK-LONDON: May 15, June 15, July 15
🌟HK-DUBAI: June 25
🌟 HK-SINGAPORE: June 20; August (flexible date)
🌟 HK-WASHINGTON: September ( flexible date)
🌟 HK-PARIS: May 28
🌟 HK-LA: June 10, July and August are flexible dates so far.
🌟 HK- JOHANNESBURG, SA: May 28 (+- a few days flexibility).
🌟 HK-VANCOUVER: August & September (flexible dates so far)
🌟 HK-NYC: June 26, August & September (flexible dates)

Bombardier Global 6000 is the aircraft mainly used. Capacity of 10-13 passengers (3 seat sofa), total cargo capacity is up to 450 kg. May accommodate up to 3 large dogs (30 kg+). 🌟 1 stop to refuel. 🌟 Please inquire at should You have any questions and/or to book🌟 #TOPSTARSAIR #PETJET #JETSHARE #PrivateJet #HongKong #Europe #USA #Asia #Africa #FlySafe #FlyPrivate

BizJet Travel during the Pandemic Advice.

The current global situation has pushed us to use #BusinessJet #Aviation for our personal/business travel as well as for the transportation of our beloved pets.

Please make sure to use an AUTHORIZED Aircraft!!!

Feel free to get in touch with the #TopStarsAir Team and we will guide You in the right direction.
#TopStars #TSA #BizAv #PJ #COVIDTravel

Business Aviation Groups Form Alliance to Push Back on Illegal Charters | Flying (

Happy and Healthy New Year! FLY SAFE!

Top Stars Air Team

Business Aviation Rise amid the Pandemic.

With having to adjust to our new way life, #BusinessAviation / #PrivateJet #Aviation is seeing a higher demand in services. Be it #PJ sales or #charter. People are willing to pay a bit more and have the comfort of flying private and safe.

TopStarsAir has introduced the #AirTaxi services (so far, within the #European territories), as well as #PetTransportationServices (#Globally) .

The article below is a great example of people adjusting to the new reality.