TSA Pet Jet Service

Due to the popular demand, the Top Stars Air Company team has decided to make the Pet Jet Travel Service our permanent service.

During the COVID-19 times a lot of people are relocating and are in need to transport their furry (or not) babies.

TSA has access to the properly trained crew that will attend to all of Your Baby’s needs during the whole process and, of course, You can travel with Your Baby.

Depending on the destination, there is a minimum package of documents required (more paperwork might be requested):

  • Pet Passport
  • Certificate of microchips
  • Rabies and tapeworm vaccination certificate 

The Pet Baby will be given some time to get acquainted with the crew and the plane so they could feel more comfortable.

Here are a few pieces of advice for You.

Pet Travel Tips

A few quick things to remember before traveling with your pet. 

  1. Cats and dogs live in the moment. so they will forget a bad experience far quicker than humans;
  2. Cats feel more comfortable in their carriers since they have the tendency to hide;
  3. Pets that are noise shy (e.g. scared of loud sudden noises like thunder) can be desensitized through training;
  4. If the dog is traveling in the cabin, have pee pads available. If they travel in a carrier, place a larger terrycloth or bath towel inside; A facility at a destination where the dog can get a quick clean would be useful (especially if they were transported in a carrier);
  5. Many US and Canadian airports have pet relief station (aka pet toilets);
  6. No need to stimulate or exercise animals’ muscles during the flight; it is best not to have too many interesting toys because this encourages more movement and the kidneys to work more, which can result in needing the bathroom more;
  7. Have chewing and shaking toys available, ones you can hide food in are encouraged;
  8. Any pet that is transported to a different country should have vaccinations up to date;
  9. Rabies vaccine should be administered at least a month before;
  10. Regarding first aid, the two main concerns would be gastrointestinal problems, such as continuous vomiting and diarrhea, and secondly, ear infections. For vomiting there are injections, for the second there are tablets and for ear infections, there is an ointment that can be used ahead of travel;
  11. Many people have diabetic cats and dogs, and they should plan to bring their own insulin.

Our Team will check on the quarantine conditions and can assist on land as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions as well at info@topstarsair.com .